What You Need to Know Before Buying Luxury Apartments in Chennai

If you have been paying rent for years now, it is time you considered buying one of the available luxury apartments in Chennai. Some people stay in rentals and get comfortable, forgetting along the way how costly it is to pay rent on a monthly basis. In fact, some pay rent that is high enough to service two mortgage payments per month, but they don't get it. It is time you got from the comfort zone and considered buying any of the many apartments for sale in Chennai. As you think about owning an apartment (it can be exciting), here is what you should know to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

To begin with, make up your mind about your ideal location. Doing this will automatically solve your commuting challenges. You may have to actually visit the area all days of the week and spend time there. Sample the facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, night-life, among others. You will be surprised that some so-called luxury apartments in Chennai are near notorious night clubs where revelers sing and dance the whole night. You don't want to be distracted by such noise. Sample the place during rush hour, check traffic, and other factors before making a decision.

It is also important to contact independent valuers to get a glimpse of the value of property in the area of interest. Find out from recent buyers or real estate companies about recent rates of houses in the area based on the size and type you are interested in. You should then confirm their opinions with a second or third person to get a clear picture. We might have many apartments for sale in Chennai, but their values vary tremendously depending on a myriad of factors.

It is also important to consider the age of the building because that will determine if your risk incurring repairs and maintenance costs in the near future. Possibly, get a copy of the architect's report before buying. Also, consider the security of the property. It is pointless to purchase luxury apartments Chennai if the area is insecure. It will limit your movement and growth; don't stretch your risks too far.

Before paying for apartments for sale in Chennai, it is important to ask from the management the maintenance charges. Unfortunately, most buyers don't bother to question this but it is very important because these charges can tremendously inconvenience your monthly expenditures. These costs cover services such as the elevator, water, shared electricity, garbage collection, security, water, among others. Is parking free or you will be asked to pay for the same? Always ask the right questions to evade surprises.

With all these cleared, you are ready to contact the seller. Your search for luxury apartments has been simplified with Altis, leading and reputed builders in Chennai. They have various luxury apartments along the fast growing ECR and other places.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Gold Chains

Shopping for jewelry online can be tricky in most cases due to the variety that the shopper is exposed to. Before you buy gold necklace online, for example, it is very important to understand the basics. The main limitation of shopping online is the inability to feel the product you are purchasing. This shouldn't however limit your ability to get the best when buy gold chains online in India. Discussed below are five crucial questions to ask before you buy gold necklace online.

1. What is the Chain's Karat?

Most gold chain designs are made from various alloys. The more the gold in the chain and less the alloys the more expensive they are. For example, a 14kt gold chain is made from 10 parts alloy and 14 parts gold. It is highly recommended that you check out the KT stamp on the jewelry stating the karats because that is the only way you can ascertain that indeed the jewelry is not merely gold-coated. If not, ask the seller about the authenticity of the karats as indicated on the chain.

2. What Is Your Ideal Length?

Different gold chain designs come in different shapes and sizes. Are you simply looking for collar length or you want a chain that will hang all the way to the belly. Most chains are only 18" or 16" and offer the best visibility but longer ones such as 24" and 30" hang too low and are common with celebrities.

3. Do You Plan on Wearing Charm or Pendant?

If you plan on wearing a charm, you sure will have to buy gold chain online in India that can comfortably bear its weight. For pendant chains, opt for wheat or box chains as they are durable and compatible with almost anything. On the other hand, wheat chains are strong and smooth, ideal for daily wearing.

4. Does the Seller Guarantee the Chain?

Reputable sellers of jewelry online such as Thangamayil will not even think twice about backing their products with a guarantee. In fact, depending on their value, you can even be granted a lifetime guarantee when you buy gold chains online in India, on select purchases. A guarantee is simply an assurance that indeed the jewelry you are paying heavily for doesn't suffer from any defects such as pits, tarnishes or color problems. Please don't confuse this with breakages, wear and tear.

5. Does the Seller Have a Trade-In Policy

Finally, having asked yourself the above questions, maybe you might just want to know if the seller has a trade-in policy in place. This is especially important if you hope to upgrade at a later day.